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Welcome to PartyPlanner, the premier online party directory/advertisement website.


We will help you find the best local party and event vendors on a single portal without having to sort through thousands of suppliers that come up on search engines.

How did it all start?

Well it was a few years ago I was tasked with helping to organise a wedding party for my sibling. Where on earth did we start and when we did to put pen to paper, where would we find all of these suppliers and how would we know that they would deliver on the day to the standards that we were hoping for? 


We even contacted an event manager but the cost and the constant communication meant that we might have just done it all ourselves, which we did in the end.


The party and events industry is huge and full of different suppliers. I was trawling through countless numbers of search engine results, social media pages and asking whoever I knew for some recommendations. 


At that point the penny dropped! How desperately did we need a website that would just make life easier and help us find what we were looking for? 


Fast forward a few years and welcome to partyplanner.co


Our aim is to just take some of the stresses and strains out of your big occasion by simplifying the planning process of making your big day become a dream come true. Can we promise to take the butterflies out of your stomach on your big day? That’s on you I’m afraid! 


Whatever it might be from catering to car hire, cakes to hairstylists we are here to help you find the best suppliers all under one roof!


At partyplanner.co we are always open to feedback and would love to hear from you.


Please contact us anytime – we love to talk!